Fundraising Dinner Operations Manual

The Team

Table Hosts Event Planning Team

“Champions are called to be a primary means of advancing the cause.” —Transformational Giving Principle 10

Although a fundraising event will be planned under the leadership of ministry staff, this is a volunteer-driven event. The champions you recruit are the energy behind this dinner model. Selecting, training and encouraging your volunteer team is your most important job when hosting a great fundraising dinner.

Volunteering gives your champions a concrete way to get involved, invest in your vision and build relationships in your community. Many people even find that working together to pull off an event can be deeply meaningful and transformational.

People long to be a part of something bigger than themselves, make a difference in their community, and work toward a common goal with like-minded people who are also inspired by your organization’s vision.

Your fundraising dinner is as much an opportunity to nourish your volunteers and help them grow in your cause through service as it is to raise funds. But this can only be accomplished by bringing the right people onto the team. Through this model, you will recruit volunteer champions to fill large and small roles that make the entire event possible, including champions who become table hosts and invite people from their networks to attend your event.

As Volunteers Tell Their Stories:

• They build a crowd. Tickets or mailings do not build crowds. The power of a personal invitation is what will fill the tables at your event.

• They are vision carriers. Only people can carry and spread the vision for your cause. Your volunteers can become carriers of that vision and help you reach thousands of prospective supporters through their personal involvement and outreach.

• They multiply your impact. Staff members multiply themselves through the effort and network of each volunteer. One staff member can coordinate dozens of volunteers; the staff member can even run multiple galas at the same time through volunteer teams in each location.