Fundraising Dinner Operations Manual


What is Mission Increase?

Mission Increase (MI) exists to equip givers and Christian nonprofits to transform their communities together. Our mission is to equip ministry leaders in biblically-based fundraising to achieve dramatic and sustainable growth for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

We believe that fundraising is just as much a part of God’s calling as the programmatic aspects of your ministry. Our resources equip ministry leaders to embrace and deploy a biblical approach to fundraising–and we do it all at no cost to ministries through partnership with generous givers.

At the root of the Mission Increase vision is a commitment to three core values. We value stewardship, so we work to encourage biblical generosity in response to God’s grace. We recognize that we are called to live as though time is short, that advancing the Gospel is something we must approach with urgency. And we value leverage; we want to invest in lasting strategies that help nonprofits build capacity for growth.

“Our fruit is measured on other people’s trees.” –Dale Stockamp, Mission Increase co-founder and board chairman

Mission Increase communities are served by an area director who provides teaching, coaching, consulting and matching grants. Local area directors meet with leaders in groups and one-on-one to help build capacity and extend impact. Your area director is ready to help you apply the principles in this manual to your context.

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