Mission Increase exists to help ministries grow.

We want to help you grow your ministry through engaging fundraising events.

Committing to hosting a fundraising dinner has the power to grow your organization, clarify your vision and gather stories of the impact you are having on your community. Events require you to monetize your mission so givers know exactly what their gifts will accomplish. And events give you the opportunity to create transformational moments centered around God’s people working to do His will.

Our manual, along with this comprehensive companion site is a step by step guide to help you create an event with an irresistible invitation for more people to engage in your work and experience the joy of generosity by partnering with you financially. It will help you design dinners that leave your guests knowing they have accomplished something important, eager to share their impact with their friends and ready to give, serve and pray.

We believe in your work, serving in one of the 1.3 million organizations in America that nourish, heal, educate, restore, provide hope, share the gospel and improve communities every day.  We offer you this resource to enable you to empower your organization, spread your vision and impact your cause.

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Five years ago I had a big idea, little experience and zero revenue. By God’s grace, I stumbled upon this events manual and followed the model. Eleven major events later, with over $1 million in annual revenue, the results speak for themselves. This manual contains the primary strategy God provided to help us fund our ministry from the ground up. Read every word of this text—perhaps God will provide similar (or better) results for your mission!

Luke Womack • Executive Director, The Go Fund, California

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